University of Aberdeen Joins Forces with Scotland Beyond Net Zero Initiative

University of Aberdeen Joins Forces with Scotland Beyond Net Zero Initiative

Jun, 4 2024

University of Aberdeen Partners with Scotland Beyond Net Zero

The University of Aberdeen has taken a substantial step towards the future by joining the Scotland Beyond Net Zero (SBNZ) partnership. This collaborative effort includes leading universities, key policymakers, and local partners, all working together to hasten Scotland's shift to a post-net-zero era. The SBNZ initiative revolves around six pivotal areas: Food, Transport, Finance, Built Environment, Natural Systems, and Energy. These sectors are seen as foundational to achieving a sustainable and resilient future.

A Prominent Addition to the Partnership

Founded by the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow, the SBNZ initiative was officially launched by Mairi McAllan MSP, the Cabinet Secretary for Net Zero and Just Transition. The inclusion of the University of Aberdeen is noteworthy as it is a renowned institution for environmental research and sustainability. The university has the distinction of being ranked 1st in Scotland for globally collaborative environmental research and environmental research impact. Additionally, it holds the 34th position globally for Environmental Impact.

Goals and Vision of the Partnership

Goals and Vision of the Partnership

The overarching goal of the SBNZ partnership is to mobilize extensive research, data analysis, and groundbreaking innovation to not only meet but exceed net-zero targets. By focusing on these six essential sectors, SBNZ aims to develop sustainable practices and resilient systems that can serve as a model for the world. The initiative seeks to blend academic research with practical policy applications to create a more sustainable and equitable future.

Welcoming the University of Aberdeen

Leading figures such as Professors Christina Boswell from the University of Edinburgh and Chris Pearce from the University of Glasgow have warmly welcomed the University of Aberdeen into the partnership. Both emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in successfully addressing climate change. They believe that pooling resources and expertise across institutions will significantly impact achieving the initiative's ambitious goals.

Commitment to Sustainability

Commitment to Sustainability

Professor Nicholas Forsyth of the University of Aberdeen was enthusiastic about the new alliance. He highlighted the university's steadfast commitment to sustainability, underscored by its Aberdeen 2040 strategy. This strategy outlines the university's long-term goals and its ambition to pioneer solutions that not only meet but surpass net-zero objectives. According to Forsyth, this partnership aligns perfectly with Aberdeen's vision and strategically positions the institution as a leader in environmental innovation.

The Six Key Areas of Focus

The six sectors identified by the SBNZ partnership are critical to achieving their ambitious goals. Each sector presents unique challenges and opportunities for innovation.


This sector focuses on sustainable agriculture, reducing food waste, and improving food supply chains to minimize environmental impact.


Here, the emphasis is on promoting electric vehicles, improving public transportation systems, and developing efficient logistics networks to reduce carbon emissions.


This area concentrates on green investments, sustainable finance practices, and supporting economies transitioning to greener models.

Built Environment

Efforts are geared towards developing energy-efficient buildings, sustainable urban planning, and retrofitting existing structures for better energy usage.

Natural Systems

Focusing on ecosystems, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable management of natural resources to foster resilience against climate change.


This sector aims at transitioning to renewable energy sources, improving energy storage solutions, and enhancing energy efficiency across industries.

Looking Forward

Looking Forward

The inclusion of the University of Aberdeen in the SBNZ initiative brings a wealth of expertise and commitment to the table. As the world grapples with unprecedented environmental challenges, such collaborative efforts offer a beacon of hope. By leveraging collective knowledge and resources, the SBNZ partnership is poised to make significant strides in achieving and surpassing net-zero goals. The journey ahead is long and arduous, but with institutions like the University of Aberdeen at the forefront, a sustainable and resilient future seems within reach.