Lead acid Battery reconditioning: do it yourself and have fun

Battery reconditioning is really easy to do, if you want to do it yourself. Reviving a battery can be done with a success percentage of 70%. But you will need to know the steps involved in the process of reviving the battery. Once you know the steps very well you can do it yourself and have a lot of fun as well.

Reconditioning is cheap

Normally, reconditioning of a battery will not cost a fortune really. It will cost you only a few unit of electricity and that will be all. If you are reconditioning your own acid lead battery, then it is fine to follow the DIY methods or courses, but if you want to take it as a part time job, then you will need to buy a few equipments. But still the costing of the work is so less that you can easily make good amount of money out of nothing really.

Profitable Part time Job

If you want to earn money seriously by doing this as a part time job, you will need to do some homework as well. First of all, you can earn in 2 ways by reconditioning batteries. You can contact with a battery dealer who can supply you with old dead batteries, you can then recondition them and then sell them to your local dealer or may be garages as well. The another way you can earn money is by spreading the news that you can repair the batteries and people with dead batteries will come to you and you can ask for some sort of remuneration in exchange of a live battery.

Success Rates of battery Recovery

Some of the batteries that you are going to come across will be totally useless and you won’t be able to do anything. Especially the batteries that are of Lithium can be very difficult to recondition. But if you can work on only the lead acid batteries and the Nickel ones, you can surely enjoy a good amount of success rate you earn in the process as well.


Well, to be a professional, you can use some of the equipments that will certainly make your work easier, but in case you do not want to spend a lot on the work, you can always follow the DIY methods and go through elaborated steps to go through the battery. But if you can afford the battery analyzer, you can surely do your work a lot faster.


If you are thinking to do something like this and earn money, you need to understand that the market on this field is really huge. You just need to be careful and choosy while buying the battery reconditioning tools. This will help you work in a hurry and also can help you save some money. So, what are you thinking about? Start with your own battery today and see if the methods work correctly. Once you are sure that the method will work on any acid lead battery, you can start asking for money from the people for your service.